Attractive forms of auction – Fixbid and Multibid


Additional planning certainty with Direct-Deal


Faster bidding through quick loading times


Save time with Multibid auctions with bids for up to three vehicles simultaneously


Larger range of vehicles – even more high-quality and attractive Alphabet vehicles


Filter function on the vehicle overview page facilitates your search.



FixBid auction:

You can place bids as soon as an auction is released online. The auction will run until the end of the auction period stated. The bid received most recently will be successful if the start price has been achieved at the very least. If the bid is under the start price, then the vehicle will be placed on reserve. This means that the supplier will decide whether to sell at that price or not.

MultiBid auction:

Here you also have the opportunity to bid for the vehicle you want immediately after the auction goes online. The MultiBid phase will start approximately one minute after the auction date stated. This corresponds to the Hotbid phase in other Autobid.de auctions. You will now have about 15 seconds to place a bid that is higher than the current bid. If the time expires and no other bidder has bid more than your bid, you will be successful, provided that the start price has been reached. If another bidder has bid higher than you, the MultiBid phase will start again and there will be another 15 seconds to place a bid. The highest bidder will be successful. It also applies here: if the last bid is under the start price, then the supplier will decide whether the sale takes place. In this MultiBid phase up to three vehicles will be auctioned at the same time. Your advantage: the waiting time until your desired car comes up for bids is substantially reduced.
In addition, with some MultiBid auctions, you have the opportunity to buy vehicles at a fixed price, the so-called Direct-Deal. The price is shown to you on the vehicle overview page. A Direct-Deal is now possible until the MultiBid phase starts. Bids cannot be placed higher than the price of the Direct-Deal.


This purchase option is convenient and certain.
Here you can buy your vehicle at a fixed price. It will be shown directly on the vehicle overview page. Click on the “Direct-Deal” button and follow the purchasing process. If planning certainty is important to you, this purchasing option is exactly right for you.



Are you already a customer of Autobid.de?

Then simply log into Autobid.de with your Autobid.de access data. You don’t need any additional registration for the Alphabet auctions with car-auctions.de.


New to Autobid.de? Please register.

To do this, click on “New registration” on the Autobid.de page. Or on “Register” on the car-auctions.de page. Fill out the registration form. After you have received confirmation of registration from us, send the signed confirmation back to us together with a copy of the ID card of the business owner, the commercial register extract and the business registration. You will then be approved within a few days.


Log into Autobid.de with your access data.

You can also login at a later time, but no later than the bidding process on the car-auctions.de page. The login details are identical to your access data for Autobid.de.


Select an Alphabet auction on the Autobid.de schedule page.


A lightbox will appear. Select the “To the Alphabet auctions” point.


You will be directed to the car-auctions page.

On the start page you will see which Alphabet auctions are taking place when, how many vehicles are being auctioned at each, the auction date, the type of auction (Fixbid or Multibid) and whether a Direct-Deal is possible.


Select an auction.

You will now reach the vehicle overview page, which shows all the vehicles in the auction. Here you will receive the initial basic information about the vehicles on offer, you can view them and make notes. The start price, the current bid or with Direct-Deal the fixed price will be shown prominently. Also use the vehicle filter function to choose between the manufacturer, model, category, initial registration and fuel within an auction.


Find out more.

When you click on a vehicle, you will see lots of detailed information. In addition to lots of pictures, which will give you a good impression of the condition of the vehicle, there is also extensive information about the vehicle selected, the vehicle documentation and its handling, where you will also find an information report as well as details about the surcharge and bidding history.


Join the bidding.

After you have decided on one or more vehicles, you have the following bidding options:

  • Go back to the vehicle you want on the Vehicle overview page and click on the blue “Bid button”. Now it all starts and you can bid in steps of € 100, € 200 and € 300 or with a bid of your own for the vehicle you want.
  • Alternatively, go to the Detailed view of the vehicle and join the bidding from there.
  • If it is a Direct-Deal offer, simply follow the “Direct-Deal” button.
  • You will work even more effectively with the Bidding agent: simply enter the maximum amount which you want to bid for the vehicle and the bidding agent will automatically bid up to this sum, but only for as long as necessary to be the highest bidder. If you use the bidding agent within a Multibid auction with the Direct-Deal option, then the latter will bid up to a maximum of the Direct-Deal fixed price. If the maximum amount which you enter in the bidding agent corresponds to the Direct-Deal price or if this is even higher, you will immediately be successful at the Direct-Deal price.
    As a result of the speed within the Multibid phase, we recommend using the bidding agent for a Multibid auction.

Please note the different forms of auction: Fixbid, Multibid and a direct purchase with Direct-Deal.


After the auction – arrange for your vehicle to be delivered.

As usual, you can subsequently view and download the invoice in “My Autobid.de” and you can view and download the collection slip after the vehicle has been released. Now nothing stands in the way of collecting your vehicle. Alternatively, you can also arrange for it to be delivered directly to you using our delivery service. Very convenient.